Air compressors are a large investment and can burn a hole in your pocket if you choose a range that is not fit for your purpose. We recently added a new range to our selection of air compressors, and we think these are our best yet. The Nuair Star Screw air compressors are ideal for big garages and industrial applications and are ideal for continuous use, making them cost-effective while adding huge value to your workshop.

These Nuair rotary screw compressors present many key benefits, from reduced maintenance to low noise and vibration. At Air Impact, we stock tank sizes from 270L to 500L. But we all know tank size isn’t what’s most important. The pump and displacement of air are key in air compressors and these go with 35.3 CFM right up to 106 CFM, making them powerful tools yet compact in size.

Our Nuair Star Screw compressors come with an array of benefits, which we will outline in this blog post.

Nuair Star Rotary Screw Compressor Benefits & Features

Low Noise Level

If you’re going to be working around large air compressors all day, you want one that has a small form factor and low noise output that allows them to be used in settings with reduced space and low noise tolerances.

The low noise level is obtained from the specific design to the cooling systems and by the implementation of other design solutions that are aimed at reducing the noise levels emitted by the compressor, to the minimum value.

Ready for Use

The machine is supplied with all internal electric and other connection factors complete. The air compressor machine is supplied with suitable cables and is filled with semi-synthetic lubricant. Each machine is exhaustively tested using our purpose-designed test facilities and so arrives at the customer completely, fully tested and ready for work. Connection to the electricity supply and compressed air networks is all that is required to complete a rapid and extremely convenient installation.

Compact & Space-Saving Design

The compact design is ideal for installation when space is restricted or in situations where the compressor needs to be installed near the production activity.

It is also easily manoeuvrable thanks to the compact dimensions and a specially designed cabinet base that allows simple access by a fork truck or hand truck. Transportation and handling are made simple and convenient so you and your workmates remain safe in the workspace. 

Minimum Maintenance

With the ease of access for the replacement and checking of lubricant oil filters, separator and air filter, the maintenance of Nuair Star compressors is made simple and convenient. 

All of the maintenance components can be easily accessed via the easily removable panels. The access to air and oil filters and the oil separator cartridge is particularly convenient, aiding simple routine maintenance. The careful positioning of the air/oil separator vessel aids the filling, draining and checking of the lubricant.

Heat Exchanger

The large, combined heat exchanger with a generous cooling surface area ensures that the machine operates within the optimum temperature band.

The resulting lower temperature of the delivered compressed air means that the condensation can be easily removed, allowing a more efficient operation of the refrigerated dryer.

Pre-Filtration Panel

The air required for compression and cooling is filtered through a cabinet pre-filtration panel which is made from non-perishable and washable materials.

This facility means that internal components including coolers stay cleaner. This panel provides efficient cooling and a longer lifespan to the transmission belts and other components, resulting in improved performance and reduced maintenance costs.

Condensation Drainage

The automatic condensate discharge drain is integrated into the dryer and operated by an adjustable electronic control facility. This function acts to expel the condensate separated by the filters and by the refrigerated dryer. The refrigerated dryer employs the use of refrigerant R134 a or the ecological R 407 c.


The use of a high-efficiency POLY-V belt and simple mechanical tensioner reduces maintenance and ensures a longer lifespan of the belt compared to that of a standard trapezoidal SPZ/X-type belt that is normally used. The POLY-V belt also maintains higher drive efficiency throughout the operating life, improving performance and reducing power consumption.

Centrifugal Cooling Fan

The automatic centrifugal fan is thermostatically controlled. This facility means that the compressor reaches optimum temperature quickly. Once the ideal temperature is reached, the automatic operation of the cooling fan accurately maintains this temperature constantly for improved efficiency and reliability. A further advantage offered by the centrifugal cooling fan is the extremely quiet operation contributing to the very low noise levels of the machine.

Easily Portable

Thanks to their reduced dimensions, all STAR screw compressors can be easily manoeuvred, allowing ease of handling and convenient transportation. The machine is particularly easy to lift with a forklift or hand truck thanks to a steel bar secured between the feet at the base of the air receiver, both at the front and to the side, making them a safe choice for garage and industrial use.

Unique Full-Feature Air Compressor Station

Includes all accessories installed in one convenient space-saving, quiet and complete system with modern controls allowing maximum efficiency with reduced costs.

Electronic NRG Control

The control panel of the Star compressor is equipped with a backlit display, extended multilingual messaging and a LED display for signalling anomalies and special functions.

Dryer & Integrated Compressed Air Filters

The fully integrated refrigerated dryer and filtration allows for the constant supply of compressed air that is both dry and free from oil and other contaminants.

The integration of the fundamental components of a compressed air system (compressor, dryer, filters, controller and air-receiver) into a single modular device, provide numerous significant advantages:

  • Drastically reduced installation time and cost.
  • High quality of compressed air, thanks to the pre-filter “Q series” filter at 10 microns that cleans the air before it enters dryer as well as the “P series” filter at 1 micron placed after the dryer and before the air receiver.
  • A fully automatic, self-monitoring and integrated system.
  • Excellent access for simple maintenance to the filters, refrigerated dryer and other components.
  • Dry air receiver providing a constant flow of high-quality compressed air and reduced corrosion.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Automatic condensate discharge operated and adjusted from the main controller.
  • visualization of the efficient operation to the dryer via the dew point indicator observed from
  • the display of the main controller.

As if this wasn’t enough for one air compressor range, they also contain the following features:

1.     Remote control (via cable):

The compressor can be controlled remotely for the functions of turning on/off and for pressure monitoring.

2.     Automatic restart:

This function allows for the automatic restart of the compressor in the event of a power failure (subject to safety conditions/warnings); management of programmed maintenance.

3.     Daily and weekly programming:

The compressor can be programmed to stop and start during the day or week according to the work schedule. The controller is also able to operate a network of up to four compressors using the appropriate connection modules and cables (optional).

4.     Diagnostic functioning at various levels

5.     The memorisation of any malfunctions

6.     Digital input and output tests

7.     Main motor rotation and cooling fan tests

If you have any questions on the Nuair Star Screw Air Compressor range, please don’t hesitate to contact us today and we’ll be happy to give you a walk-through on any of the STAR range of products.