Sit Down with Jerry Hogan, Air Impact

Jerry Air Impact

Can you tell us about how Air Impact started and the kind of customers you service? It all started with a bus company, which dates back to the mid-1940s. We used to service buses, but found it hard to source equipment to change wheels etc. So in the late 60s, my dad started doing some […]


Air compressors are a large investment and can burn a hole in your pocket if you choose a range that is not fit for your purpose. We recently added a new range to our selection of air compressors, and we think these are our best yet. The Nuair Star Screw air compressors are ideal for […]

Q & A with Martin McGarry, Air Impact

Q1. Prior to joining Air Impact as part of the Sales Team, what kind of work were you involved in? Before I joined Air impact I worked in construction for about 15 years, so during that time I would have gained some hands on experience using some of the tooling I now sell. I started […]